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Candid College Series

Episode 1: Candid College: PR – ‘Fun dynamic discussion! But please don’t lick the pop filter’.
Poppy Rose has an experiential, fun and dynamic take on her many years of ED and mental health treatment.  Currently symptom free from ED, she talks about challenges in getting care, “not being sick enough”, virtual versus in person support, toxic positivity, boundaries and food myths.

Episode 2: Candid College: ZK – ‘Being Uncomfortable & Being Willing are Power Choices in Recovery.’
ZK has found a symptom free, stable and insightful seat on her recovery path.  Learning to be vulnerable, uncomfortable, to trust herself and her team & to play the brain tricks right back are among the bits of wisdom this inspiring human shares.

Episode 3: Candid College: MG- ‘So sick of it I quit looking to my ED to solve my problems’.
MG has seen it all and she’s not afraid to tell you what it looks like.  Her scattered journey recently landed with ‘flipping the switch’ and starting to life her real life – boldly and brilliantly!

Episode 4: Candid College: AT- ‘If You’re Pretty F’d Up, Don’t Hide it but Do Dress for Less Stress.’
Asia Taj is straight up in exploring the ED recovery path.  Always in the game, even when he was losing, his persistence, steadiness and willingness to allow himself to evolve have had life changing results.  A true ED warrior!

Episode 5: Candid College: MB – ‘Be Your True Self Again; But Tai Chi is Optional!’
MB Shares her plans for college adjustment and her honest review of her ED as a sassy, menace and finding resilience, family support and empowerment to “be the happiest I have ever been.”

Episode 6: Candid College: EA – ‘If You’re Brave Enough to Challenge ED, Better to Jump with a Bungee!’
EA Shares challenges in the thick of recovery with college in the near future.  Magical moments, peer support, difficult choices and resilience pave her path.

Episode 7: Candid College: SA – “I’m trying to life a life that I’ve never lived before.”
SA brings a candid, honest viewpoint right from the edges of recovery.  From the BS and cliche’s to the true value of making hard choices to live a life you never knew and choosing to define what ED has given you.

Episode 8: Candid College: Mallory Tabak RD- ‘It’s about trust, independence, communication.’
Registered Dietician, Mallory Tabak shares over 10 years’ experience in exploring eating disorder nutrition concerns in transitioning to college.  She brings us an informed, passionate and refreshing perspective.  Fabulously, food is not the main topic!

Episode 9: ED Levels of Care Defined
A quick introduction to levels of eating disorder treatment from outpatient to hospitalization.

Athletes & ED Series

Episode 10: Athletes & ED – HK ‘It’s hard to ignore your body in a leotard’.
HK takes us on a roller coaster ride through her life with ED, sports, injuries, allergies & illness. Looking inward to build self-awareness and adapting traits to her benefit have been pivotal in recovery. Though she still has obstacles, she has strong insights from which to build resilience and spirit.

Episode 11: Athletes & ED – KF ‘Recovery lies in the 2nd thought you choose.’
KF motivates and inspires with her candid exploration of her ED recovery as an athlete.  She has worked impressively to turn exercise into something she loves again and is sustainable instead of a dark place where compulsion and a busy mind once took over.  She has found a way to build new thinking around her ED narrative; a thought process that is now kind and reflexive. None of this was easy, she shed layers of a role and self she once knew to find the successful and behavior free person she is today.  An encouraging and powerful recovery story!   

Overshoot Exploration

Episode 12: Overshoot Exploration with Taryn McPherson, RD – ‘Allow your body to build back trust in you!’
Registered Dietician and ED nutrition specialist, Taryn McPherson walks us through the tough and anomalous topic of ‘overshoot’. She educates on the body in famine, re-establishing trust with your body, how the body is meant to change and how all food is nutrition.

Episode 13: Overshoot Exploration, Client Perspective – ‘It’s not body dysmorphia, I’m actually seeing what’s there.’
A client perspective on how overshoot can happen, its impact on recovery and ways to manage body image and health/activity expectations in recovery. Includes trusting the recovery team, real body changes versus dysmorphia and when the ED voice wants to get running too soon!

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